High Voltage Motors

High Voltage Motor

New India offers a wide range of High Voltage Motors from 2 to 20 Poles, up to 25 MW in Closed Air Circuit Water Cooled (CACW), Closed Air Circuit Air Cooled (CACA), Totally Enclosed Tube Ventilated Motors (TETV), Screen Protected Drip Proof (SPDP) and Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) for applications in Power, Steel, Sugar, Paper and other industries.

Output Range [KW] 355 TO 18000
Rotor Type Cage/ Wound
Voltage [V] 415/690/3300/6600/11000
Pole 2 to 20
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Frame Size 355 to 1120
Mounting IM1001, IM3011, IM2001, IM3001
Enclosure IP23/IP55/IP56/IP65
Cooling IC01/IC06/IC411/IC611/IC616/IC81W
Standards IEC 60034/IS:325
Insulation F/H
Salient Features
High Output / Weight Ratio.
High Reliability, Reliable and Rugged Design and construction.
High Efficiency and power factor.
Robust proven compact design.
Low noise and vibration levels.
Low and easy maintenance.
Interchangeability with existing motors.
VFD compatible design and use.
Modular construction.
Industry Segment Applications
Power Generation Pumps- Boiler Feed Pump, Circulating Water Pump, Condensate Extraction Pump, Ash-water pump, Ash – Slurry Fans, Induced Draft Fan, Primary Air Fan, Secondary Air Fan, Dust Extraction Fan, Conveyor, Crusher, Coal Mill, Ring Granulator Compressor
Cement Sector Mills – Raw Mill (Ball Mill), Vertical Roller Table, Cement / Mill (Bill Mill),Coal Mill, ATOX Mill, Polycone Grinder, Crusher –Lime Stone Crusher ( Rotary Impact) Fans – ESP Fan, Bag Filter Fan, Waste Gas Fan,Cooler Vent Fan, Raw Mill Vent Fan, Sepax Fan, Pre-Heater Fan, Bag House Fan, Aux, Separator, Booster Fan, Sepol Fan, Multicone Fan. Conveyor – Belt Conveyor, Bucket Conveyor, Pump, Compressor,Roller Press
Refineries & Petrochemical Pump – Centrifugal, Compressor – Centrifugal, Screw, Reciprocating
Fertilizer & Chemical [Hz] Pumps – Centrifugal, Vacuum pump, Compressor – Centrifugal, Screw, Reciprocating, Agitator, Mixer, Blower, Granulator, Leveller, Extruder
Steel & Non Forms Industries Pump, Mill Stands, Compressor, Fan and Blower, Conveyor, Crusher–Hammer Crusher, Mixer
Coal & Other Mines Pump, Crusher, Compressor, Fan, Haulage, Conveyor
Water Supply /Irrigation Pump – Centrifugal, Compressor, Disc Refiner, Chipper
Paper Mills Pump, Shredder
Sugar Industries Cutter, Crusher, Pump, Compressor, Fibrizor, Leveller, Inter – mixer
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