Solid Handling Non-Clog Pump SHM/SHS


Solid Handling Non-Clog Pump

Our SHM pumps are horizontal non-clog pumps having single stage, single suction with back pull out type design. SHS are vertical non-clog pumps for wet pit applications. A column type pipe is used to suspend the pump section, this also protects the transmission shaft. We can offer these pumps with a column length up to 6.5 m. Giving it a single suction type, non-clog, free flow dynamically balanced impeller makes them mouch more efficient in operation. In these SHM pumps grease is the the standard lubrication with an option of oil for special needs. These pumps are widely used in Paper Industries, Water Carrying Gravel, Sludge & Pulpy Material, Sewage or Waste Water with Soft Solids in Suspension, Viscous Liquids, Liquids Carrying Fibrous Material, Contaminated Process Liquids, Trade Liquors and so on.

Delivery Size up to 200 mm
Capacity up to 800 m3 /hr
Head up to 90 metres
Temperature (-) 10oC to 140oC
Sludge & Sewage
Powdered material slurries
Sugar factory waste
Contaminate Process Liquids
Paper Pulp
Viscous Liquids
Salient Features
Back pull-out design.
Handle Solid up to 105 mm.
Gland packed/Mecha3nical Seal.
50HZ / 60 HZ availability.
Also available in vertical execution.
NiSolid Handling Non – Clog [SHM/SHD]