Fire Fighting Pumps

Fire Fighting Pumps

New India has been supplying Fire Protection Packages for many years. Fire Protection package relies very heavily on the fire fighting pumping system, which has to ensure adequate water supply at required pressure at emergency conditions is made available when needed in the shortest possible time. Our Systems are just that. Highly reliable and robust under severe conditions.

Highlights of Fire Pump Packages
Diesel engine driven pumpset
Main fire pump – FM approved / UL listed
Diesel engine – FM approved / UL listed heat exchanger cooled
Engine Controller – FM approved / UL listed
Secondary water – cooling loop
Space saving solution – Multistage multi outlet pump
Packaged Fire Pump House
Jockey pump with controller mounted on separate skid where controller is FM approved or UL listed
FM Approved UL Listed Fire Fighting Set
Standard Fire Fighting Set
Multi Stage Multi Outlet (MSMO) Fire Fighting Set
Containarised Fire Fighting Set

Engine Driven Pump Set

PUMPS:-End Suction/Horizontal Split Casting/ Horizontal or Vertical Multistage/ Horizontal or Vertical Multi-outlet-Multistage Pumps/ In Line Vertical Multistage (for Jockey)/ Vertical Turbine Pump

Motor Driven Pump Set

PRIME Movers:- Diesel Engines of 12/24 V battery operated with various cooling options such as Radiator Cooled/Heat Exchanger cooled etc., Electric Motors:- 380/415/690/3300/6600V AC Motors
Standards/ Approvals
TAC/NFPA 20/ FM Approved/ UL Listed

Pumps Controller

Optional Accessories –
Auto Control Panel that integrates with fire detection panels and starts engine set based on signals from Pressure Switches

Jockey Pumps

Fuel Tank/ Battery/ Battery Charger/ Cooling Water System

Vertical in Line Multistage

Vertical in Line Multistage

NiFire Fighting Pumps