Low Voltage Panels

Low Voltage Panels

New India Electricals Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Electrical Control Panels, which are used for various purposes in industries. We manufacture Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear Panels and Low Voltage (LV) Panels. Panels are manufactured with latest manufacturing technologies and practices with the highest quality. Low Voltage Panels such as Power Control centres, Motor Control Centres, DG Synchronizing Panels, LT Metering Panels, Feeder Pillars, APFC Panels, various capacity VFD Panels and Bus ducts etc. are offered. Panels are custom designed and built.


Our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of highly reliable POWER equipments to utilities, Contractors, Industry users, OEMs and Projects. With the perfect blend of industrial products, a WORLD-CLASS Team and a REPUTABLE name for engineering and project management, we shall be happy to offer our ideal solution for power supply, distribution networks and protection be it standardized or customized.

Buying equipments from New India Electricals means gaining a partner you can rely on for your equipment’s life time. We shall help you make decisions regarding your needs right from conceiving stage to brain storming to the actual delivery phase and throughout the product life cycle.

Our field of expertise covers the entire END-to-END solution for POWER DISTRIBUTION & TRANSMISSION upto ‘400kv. Design, Manufacture, Source, Supply, Erect, Test, Commission, Handover & maintenance.

Our equipments are manufactured under the most stringent quality process with a clear focus on performance and clear focus on performance and longevity. This is why we source sub components from global leader like ABB, AREVA, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, L&T and their likes. We design and manufacture the entire range of Low Voltage Control Panels With a simple philosophy of: Longevity & Reliability. Our Specifications conform to relevant IS/BS & IEC Standards. Our units are designed to withstand a higher degree of electrical impulses, short circuit forces, thermal and dynamic stresses. With Optimum utilization of active material we achieve compactness & efficiency in performance. With special design features developed over many years of practical experience we are able to offer trouble-free performance during surges & frequent short circuits. By Standardizing manufacturing techniques we ensure cost effectiveness & reliability in performance.

Types of LV panels on offer:

  • Power & Motor Control Centers

Owing to the complete modularity of our design sophisticated PCCs & MCCs can be built with simplicity. With this system, the physical dimension of each compartment can be varied in width, height and depth to accommodate the various space requirements for different components required for different controls, for example in one MCC we can plan to install Direct on Line, Star Delta, Soft Start & Auto transformer Starters with relative ease to ensure that all the overall controls and protections are in place. Our design system will also allow the design of intelligent Motor Control Centers which integrate electronic and programmable device connected to a network such as DeviceNet and ProfiBus together with traditional electromechanical equipments.

  • Distribution Boards

We have the skillsets to make all kind of distribution boards like Auxilary power distribution boards, Power distribution boards, Rolling table distribution boards, Junction boxes etc.

  • Lightning Arrestor Voltage Transformer Panels

With the assistance of our experienced designers, we offer LAVT Panels with a capacity up to 33 KV. Our panels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor construction with IP42/55 Degree of protection.

  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels

We manufacture automatic power factor correction panels that maintain the power factor of the system automatically. Fabricated using premium quality raw materials with cutting edge technology, these panels are durable and dimensionally accurate. These correction controllers are installed in various places such as hotels, hospitals, commercial complexes and railways.

* High performance

* Low maintenance

* Minimize heavy electricity bills

  • Generator AMF & Synchronizing

Over the many years we have acquired a skill and experience in Generator panel that can be rivaled by few. We can design DG Synchronizing Panel based on load sharing, stopping, with load transfers based on KW, KVAr and PF. Changing of schemes made through PLC & software that work in tandem with the Generator Controls & Relay. In addition to the normal controls our panels can also be designed to enable power monitoring, communication, protection & display all as a standard feature.

  • PLC , Automation Systems & Intelligent Drive Panels

We offer a range of intelligent, flexible, powerful, expandable and effective programmable logic control solutions with expandable inputs and outputs.

Our range of Scada systems are user friendly, robust and comprehensive in the display of power parameters, graphs, single line diagrams, history, help menu for the Control panel operation, and remote start facility as called for by the application.

Most manufacturing and building service today require some degree of automatic monitoring and control. We can supply complete process panel, utilizing the latest technology in PLC control and recording, along with console units and heavy duty electronic racking.

We can offer drive panels for all applications with the best in class ABB drives

  • Feeder Pillars & Weather Proof Kiosks

Whenever Power needs to be controlled, monitored, distributed in outdoor applications like in a transformer yard or on the terrace of a building or in group housing project spread out over a large area, Feeder Pillar panels and Outdoor Kiosks are used extensively for safety and protection. These can be supplied in powder coated CRCA Sheet Steel or in Stainless Steel as required. The Panels are manufactured in IP55 class of protection to ensure no ingress of water, dust or vermin with a canopy on top.

While the outside of the panel is welded for strength & stability our design retains the modular advantage on the insides, enhancing the flexibility, safety and versatility of the interiors of the Panels.

  • Bus Duct Systems

A Busbar system forms the backbone of any distribution set-up. We have specialized equipments that enable us to design and fabricate these systems upto 8000A. The system is designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal stress existing during normal service as well as under fault conditions. The Busbars designed for top, bottom, back, front, side, designed basically giving the user complete flexibility in the X, Y panel or in the Z panels. We can also provide a 2 bar, 3 bar or even 4 bar configurations per Phase depending on the need.

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