New India Electricals Ltd offers a complete range of power and distribution transformers designed to grant the reliability, durability, and efficiency required in utility, industrial, and commercial applications. We have designed and supplied a large number of Transformers to various parts of the WORLD. A very large part of our customers depend on us for these Transformers to drive their processes and growth. Our range covers all major types of Transformers including, Oil Cooled and Dry Type. While no two transformers are the same, most of our Transformers are standard design with excellent quality inputs and specific grade of raw materials, we can also offer special made-to-order Transformers that will be custom built for the application and requirement.

Our portfolio enables Medium, Large & Extra Larger Industries to make the most of their capacities and power. We also cater to the needs of Utilities by ensuring a high reliability design, combined with workmanship that reduces life cycle costs while ensuring optimized performance with minimal environmental impact.

Distribution Transformers

Power Transformers

Furnace Transformer

Cast Resin (Dry Type)

Containerised Substations (CSS)